Kranky Geek: RTC+ML 2019 Event

Kranky Geek is a technology event series focused on various aspects of Real Time Communications (RTC). WebRTC is always a major topic and we have been adding more talks on how AI and ML intersect with RTC too. We have held events all over the world and this year held our event at Google in San Francisco, our 6th time at that particular location.

Outside my shared responsibilities in finding highly relevant speakers, providing coaching for the talks, and helping get people to the event, I also spoke during two sessions this year.

Introduction & Welcome

Tsahi and I usually split the introduction. This year I spoke briefly about how my analysis from my WebRTC on Github analysis webrtcHacks post shows that WebRTC is far from stale with major new projects emerging.

Check that video out here:

WebRTC Browser Roundtable

I was also very excited to host our first-ever WebRTC Round Table with all the major browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. The panelists included represented by lead developers and Product Managers on the actual browser teams. The session started with each panelist spending a few minutes on what's new and what's coming. For the 2nd hald of the session I moderated an interactive discussion covering mobile, PWA, security, and ML among other topics that came-up.

See that session here:

So much more

We had 14 unique sessions featuring 17 speakers (other than me & Tsahi). Head over to to see the full agenda or watch the playlist here: