CommCon: The pandemic, Zoom, and What’s next for RTC

Like nearly every annual conference, the CommCon event went virtual this year. I joined to give an update on how COVID-19 has impacted the RTC industry and what it might mean after pandemic dies down. In particular, I wanted to explore the Zoom phenomenon and why a company that seems to do everything contrary to what the larger WebRTC community has so much success.

In this talk, I cover:

  • Major trends and what might be next in 4 domains:

       1. Remote work

       2. Telemedicine

       3. Education

       4. Developers

  • Some new quantitative research on WebRTC in open source
  • Did Zoom beat WebRTC?
  • Some Hacker News sentiment analysis on Zoom vs. WebRTC
  • Some thoughts on what RTC should be working on next

On that last bullet, I am encouraged to see some good video communication innovations happening already. For example,  Microsoft Teams released their Together mode days after I recorded my session.

Check out the video here: