TADHack - Outbound Conversational IVR for Small Businesses with SMB Reschedule

I teamed up with Dave Horton to do the #TADHack this past weekend. Although I have helped as a sponsor and even hosted a TADHack in Boston, it has been many years since I last entered as a participant (see that one here
). This year a subtheme was Intelligent Agents. That is an active area I researching and blogging on over at so I was eager to try some things in that domain.

We ended up making a tool for small businesses that helps them rebook customer appointments using:

  • Dialogflow voicebot,
  • as a SIP server and gateway and
  • Simwood Group for phone numbers and SIP trunk connectivity.
  • Google Calendar and Sheets as the UI

The business just needs to connect a Google Calendar and enter thier customer numbers into a Google sheet and the bot will auto-dial them and attempt to reschedule. Call status and disposition are updated back to the sheet. The customer can ask for a callback at a better time or request to talk to a human and get transferred if needed.

See out our winning submission here: