IIT-RTC: RTC in a World of AI and ML

The Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications (IIT-RTC) conference is an academically inspired conferences I frequently attend. This year I moderated a panel with Chris Wendt of Comcast, Vijay Gurbani or Vail Systems, and Varun Signh of

I introduced the topic and provided a framework from my past resarch in this area. Each of the panelists then spent a few minutes talking about their individual Machine Learning (ML) use cases. We wrapped up in a discussion covering the following questions:

  • What ML methods have you found most effective?
  • What are your preferred ML libraries and frameworks?
  • What is the best way to train your development teams developing with ML?
  • How do you think advances in ML hardware - both at the edge and in the cloud - will impact RTC applications?
  • Is Google (or Amazon or Microsoft, etc.) going to come along and make all of this super-easy? What does that mean for your efforts?

You can see the entire recorded session here: