webrtcHacks: github WebRTC repo analysis

I am asked all the time what the most popular WebRTC projects are. I tried to address this question a few years ago in Data Nerding with WebRTC GitHub Data where I used the GitHub dataset on BigQuery to filter out WebRTC repos. I did an update to this analysis and found:

  • WebRTC is doing just fine - its growth has more or less remained consistent with github overall
  • There have been meaningful shifts in the top repos:
    • pion gets the crown for the most popular project by most measures
    • Janus wins among WebRTC media servers
    • Coturn appears strongly now that I included TURN server terms in the analysis
    • Several Microsoft projects made the top lists
    • react-nativev-webrtc leads on mobile/hybrid frameworks
    • startrtc is a new but big project out of China

See the full post here:

Contact me if you are interested in additional analysis on this dataset.