What's Next for WebRTC?

A couple weeks ago I chaired a panel at the IIT Real-Time Communications Conference in Chicago with the topic What’s Next for WebRTC with a focus on future use cases and applications. I had a great set of panelists that included Brian Pulito from IBM, Douglas Wadkins from Skedans, Ivelin Ivanov from Telestax, Dr. Luis Lopez of Kurento, Vladimir Beloborodov of Mera Software. The show was great as always and had had me pondering a bunch of interesting concepts for weeks.

I had three main take-aways from the discussion on where WebRTC is going:

  • Supermedia — forget today’s simple one-to-one and think broadcasting to millions with scalable multi-stream architectures and unique augmented reality experiences leveraging the latest in AI processing
  • Remote Machines — there are plenty of devices other than the latest smart watch that we don’t think about that could house a camera or microphone, and these devices will not only produce WebRTC streams but drive the need for more human-to-human communication
  • Middleware — a different kind of glue is needed to stitch together the growing array of high-bandwidth, realtime media WebRTC will produce

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What’s Next for WebRTC?