webrtcHacks - Plug-in free or free plug-in? Q&A with IE & Safari WebRTC plug-in maker Alex Gouaillard

The lack of WebRTC support in Internet Explorer and Safari can be a real issue for many users. To help with this issue, Temasys issued a free plug-in to support these browsers. I intereviewed Alex Gouaillard, CTO of Temasys about this project to find out the details.

Some questions asked:

  • Why did you take the leap from desktop apps to building plug-ins for both IE and Safari?
  • Several vendors are charging for these capabilities? Why are you doing it for free?
  • What is so hard about building a plug-in for IE or Safari?
  • How do developers use these plug-ins?
  • Can developers find the code?
  • What happens when Microsoft starts supporting ORTC?

Find out the answers and other important details here