Real Time Communications Product Consulting

I am a consultant and analyst specializing in real time communications technology and product management. I thrive at building new products, bringing together communities and accelerating burgeoning communications technologies. While my 20+ year career has been in the communications market, I generally get my inspiration from emerging technologies and best practices from other industries.

Areas of Focus

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· CPaaS ·

· Server infrastructure ·

· Jitsi ·

· Meetings & collaboration ·

· Voicebots / phonebots ·

· Dialogflow ·

· Speech analytics ·

· Computer vision ·


Since I started, I have helped clients with a variety of product management, marketing, and strategy needs.

Click through the menus below to see some of my most common activities:

New Product Ideation and Incubation

I recently finished a 20-month project with Voxbone where I started and ran a new product incubator. Voxbone wanted to explore other high potential opportunities outside of its core PSTN and SIP services. I advised following a Lean Startup approach to rapidly evaluate a number of new product ideas through a rapid, systematic process.

I leveraged Voxbone resources, hired and managed a variety of contract developers to evaluate 13 new product concepts, launch more than 10 product-market experiments, and bring new WebRTC and Speech Analytics services to market.

Some of my favorite projects were:

  • Developing a bunch of CPaaS API's leveraging a variety of open source (OSS) telephony systems running on public clouds
  • Building a WebRTC-based remote call center agent solution
  • Adding Emergency 911 calling to an Amazon Alexa
  • Supporting telephony infrastructure disaster recovery scenarios for a major hospitality marketplace
  • Creating a PSTN dial-in service for any of Viber's 900M+ users
  • Enabling the option to add speech-to-text and analytics on all Voxbone calls

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Product Management

I routinely aid in product management of communications products and services with experience ranging across Communications Product as a Service CPaaS) / API products, collaboration software as a service, and network infrastructure.

Typical responsibilities and projects include:

  • Customer requirements gathering and definition
  • Partner management and business development
  • Agile Product Ownership
  • Sales training and support
  • Competitive analysis
  • Roadmap development

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Product Marketing

I have helped to market new and established products across a variety of markets. Domains I have spent the most time wtih include communications application developers, enterprise IT, and call centers management.

Typical responsibilities and projects include:

  • Product and solution presentations
  • Website wireframes and content planning
  • Messaging framework development
  • Growth hacking and analysis
  • Directing social media specialists and contract writers (with my own sub-contractors in some cases)
  • Developer community management

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Strategic Analysis

I regularly advice executive staff, investors, and product teams on communications products, markets, and services.

These projects have included:

  • Addressable market modeling
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product strategy
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Supporting company executives with investor fund raising

Other Activities

In addition to consulting, I am also involved with several other organizations and projects that help to expand my knowledge and network:

webrtcHacks Logo WebRTC developer blog that features technical topics written by respected industry experts and where share some of my own WebRTC-related research experiments logo

My newer blog examining the intersection of AI and RTC with a focus on voicebots, computer vision, and speech analytics. Recently I have given significant focus to Dialogflow with telephony.

kranky geek logo Technology event management team that has held 7 events in 3 countries since 2015 years promoting Real Time Communications and related technologies with major sponsors that have included Google, Atlassian, IBM, and Twilio
kranky geek research logo I co-authored a 147-page study examining the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies in Real Time Communications covering speech analytics,voicebots,computer vision, and RTC optimization.
WebRTC Boston logo Boston area WebRTC Meetup Group where I have held 6 events averaging nearly 100 attendees each

What I did before

Before I branched out on my own, I served in product and intelligence roles at Dialogic, Oracle, and Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle). Earlier in my career I headed the Telecom practice as an Industry Analyst at VDC Research and launched a regional wireless network in Connecticut.

For more see my LinkedIn profile

What I don't do as a consultant

  • Extensive Software development - I am not taking on long-term contracts that require me to personally contribute a significant amount of code. However, I often sub-contract, hire, and/or manage other developers. I do build prototypes, perform architectural reviews, and create code for developer guides.
  • Ghost writing - I prefer to do thought leadership pieces in my own name. I can help outline executive content pieces and have done plenty of general content development for websites, white papers, and brochures.


If you could like to discuss a project, please contact me at chad AT or see my contact page.